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"Blood BroTHErs" #FoREverAli #AlwaysMalcolm


image print size: 11" x 14" (on 11" x 17" paper)


(NOTE: copyright r2c2h2 Watermark Stamps Not Included On Art Print)

‪#‎BloodBroTHErs‬ ‪#‎ForeverAli‬ ‪#‎AlwaysMalcolm‬ ‪#‎EssenceSketchByR2C2H2R 36; What I Love About Black History Is That Our HEroes & SHEroes ARE REal...WE Don't Need A HollyWEird DREam Factory To CREate FictITious SuperHEroes & Mythology WHEn Ours ARE So REal, AccomplishMEnts, Flaws & All!!! FuKKK A Lone Ranger WHEn Bass REeves Was THE REal Deal...Black History Fact Is BEtter Than Hollywood Fiction Every Day, All Day...Although THEir Fallout Was Epic & Sad THEir 'BroMance' Was UNdeniable & True...ShININ Black Manhood PersonIFied May THEir Souls FINd REst But May THEir Examples Live Forever!!!

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