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THE BroTHErs M: MartIN, Malcolm , Medgar & Dick GREgory Too!!!


#MLKDay2016 Was Epic 4 ME…My Mom & I Hanged Out WITh @IAMDickGREgory & MLK III IN Nashville 2 Celebrate THE 30th Anniversary Of THE ‘MLK Day Holiday’…I PREsented THEm Both WITH #WEALLBE Artivist LIFetiME AchieveMEnt Awards 4 UsINg THEir CREative Genius & Exceptional Dedicated Service To THE UplIFtMEnt & EmpoWErMEnt Of Hue-Manity…I actually sent Dick his plaque IN 2012 wHEn HE was REcognized IN 2011 but I wanted to pREsent IT to him IN person (this tiME I INcluded his BE-YOU-TOO-FULL wIFe Sis. Lillian on THE plaque) along wITh THE plaque I gave this year to honor THE KINg family 4 THEir work and sacrIFices…I also PREsented THEm both wITh a REcent ‘Essence Sketch’ I cREated entITled ‘THE BroTHErs M: Malcolm, MartIN, MEdgar & Dick GREgory Too!!!’ All MEn WITh THE Exception Of Baba Dick GREgory Died IN THEir 30s (Malcolm was 39, MartIN was 39 & MEdgar was 37)…4 That Reason I Did A Double PortraIT Of Baba GREgory, One As A Young Man IN His 30s And THE OTHEr As An Older Version Of His Contemporary Self…ImagINe IF All Of Our Esteemed Ancestors FeatuREd WERE ‘ALLOWED’ 2 Grow Old As Our Beloved Baba GREgory??? 

image print size: 11" x 14" (on 11" x 17" paper)

(NOTE: copyright r2c2h2 Watermark Stamps Not Included On Art Print)

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